Friday, January 9, 2015

Right Sector refuses to obey Ukraine’s Defense Ministry - presidential aid — RT News

Paramilitary units of the ultranationalist Right Sector movement have refused to come under the command of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, President Petro Poroshenko’s aid told national TV. This might complicate the legal status of the group.

“I personally proposed a full legal clearance scheme to Right Sector,” presidential aid Yury Biryukov told the Ukrainian Channel 5 TV station.

A number of options have been on the table, Biryukov said, all of them implying contract service under the command of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry.

“They turned down this service,” Biryukov said, adding that armed forces are primarily “about discipline, order, subordination and central command.” However, when a paramilitary unit wants to become legal, yet remain autonomous and report to nobody, “that is a sort of science fiction.”

Back in November, Biryukov declared Right Sector’s Ukrainian Volunteer Corps was going to get legal status as an armed forces unit, yet no confirmation of the announcement followed.

The Right Sector group was formed in 2013 and came under the single command of the group’s leader, Dmitry Yarosh. The group, known for its radical actions and neo-Nazi ideology, vigorously took part in ousting Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovich in February 2014.

Complete story at - Right Sector refuses to obey Ukraine’s Defense Ministry - presidential aid — RT News


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