Friday, January 9, 2015

Ukraine Says $450 Million Was Stolen from Its Military in 2014 - Washington's Blog

President’s Aide Says Far Right Refuses to Obey the President

Eric Zuesse

Yury Biryukov, an aide to Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko, said on January 6th that during the year 2014, up to $450 million was stolen from Ukraine’s military. This amount happens to be precisely the same maximum amount of money that the U.S. Government, in legislation that was supported by more than 98% of U.S. Senators and Representatives and that was signed into law by U.S. President Barack Obama on December 18th, will donate to Ukraine’s military for this year, 2015. Biryukov, who spoke on Ukraine’s Channel 5 TV (which had formerly been owned by Poroshenko), said that the amount stolen in 2014 constituted “about 20 to 25 percent” of Ukraine’s military budget for 2014, which was a total of $1.8 billion. During 2015, that budget is scheduled to be $3.2 billion (in constant dollars), or a 78% increase, in order for the Government to prosecute its war against the Donbass region, where the residents had voted 90% for President Viktor Yanukovych, whom the Obama Administration overthrew in February 2014 in a coup that was disguised as being the result of popular demonstrations for democracy but were actually anti-corruption demonstrations — and corruption now is even higher than it was under President Yanukovych. Indeed, Biryakov admitted that in the Ministry of Defense there is now “total corruption.”

However, this phrase might also be applied to the entire Government; for example, recently ‘gold’ bars in a Ukrainian Central Bank vault in Odessa were found to be actually lead bars covered with gold-colored paint. Prior to the discovery that these gold bars were fakes, the Ukrainian Central Bank had said on November 14th that it cannot account for why Ukraine’s gold reserves were only $123.6 million, when what was alleged to be there was supposedly instead $988.7 million. Now that some of those bars are known to be fakes, even the $123.6 million must have been an overestimate. At the time of the overthrow on February 22nd, there was $1.8 billion of gold in Ukraine’s Central Bank main vault, in Kiev. On March 7th at 2 a.m., $1.8 billion of gold was observed being loaded onto a plane at Borosipol Airport near Kiev and was allegedly being sent to the U.S. Federal Reserve basement at Wall Street (33 Liberty Street), but the Ukrainian Central Bank has never confirmed this, and the U.S. Federal Reserve also hasn’t. All that’s known is that Ukraine’s Central Bank now cannot demonstrate that it has any gold, though until the coup last February, it had $1.8 billion in gold.

Clearly, the “total corruption” goes beyond merely Ukraine’s military.

Biryukov also said that Ukraine’s Right Sector, which is a nazi organization that has contributed enormously to the Government’s war-effort and provided troops against the residents in the Donbass region, is refusing to obey President Poroshenko, and Biryukov charged that they insist upon their independence from his Government. Biryukov went on: “The armed forces mean first of all discipline, order and the subordination and command system. And when a patriotic union wants to be sort of a legal, but at the same time autonomous, unit, which subordinates to nobody, this is pure fiction.” However, he could not deny that this same “fiction” has been terrifically effective at slaughtering the people who live in Donbass, nor that its fighters had overthrown the former President, Yanukovych, in February, in a coup that Poroshenko acknowledged at the time to have been a coup.

So, President Poroshenko is heavily indebted to Right Sector, and dependent upon it, as the Right Sector’s chief has constantly stated in public.

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