Friday, January 9, 2015

How Western media covered the Moscow Navalny protest | Journalitico

There’s something else however, which seems dubiously absent from reports on Navalny in Western media: The fact that he is a racist, anti-semitic, extreme nationalist whose past comments (some of which you can read here) should be haunting him, but have apparently been promptly forgotten or ignored.

Because you see, Western reports didn’t seem to think any of this was worth mentioning. Nada. Zilch.

They instead hailed him as some sort of anti-Putin, liberal freedom-fighter.

I wonder have they bothered to research him at all, or are they just too excited by the prospect of a Moscow coup to put their journalist hats on and actually do some work?

If they did, they might also have uncovered the easily-Google-able fact that Navalny actually supports the ascension of Crimea into the Russian Federation, but shhh, why get bogged down in silly little details like that when there’s a revolution to be had!

Anyone with their head screwed on can see that the Western press would love nothing more than a charismatic political dissident to spark a Russian version of Kiev’s Euromaidan in Moscow. Oh, how they would just love to see Red Square burned to the ground and the President run out of the country, while the US State Department rushes in with cookies and hot chocolate to install a Washington puppet government.

Complete story at - How Western media covered the Moscow Navalny protest | Journalitico

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