Monday, December 1, 2014

"Kiev will join Novorossiya in 2017" |

So, my dear, precious, and misguided radical Ukrainians, here is the most unpleasant piece of news for you: It’s curtains for you. It’s curtains for everyone flashing Nazi salutes, everyone obsessed with the idea of the great Uke nation, everyone who hates, snarks, and kills. It’s curtains for these tens of thousands of Ukrainians.

First, what has remained of Ukraine will be divided into three regions: Novorossiya (including Transnistria), Central Ukraine, and Galicia (without Subcarpathian Rus). I believe that these borders are clear to everyone and have more or less been delimitated. Central Ukraine, which is now waging war in the southeast against Donbas, will see enough Banderovite romance for a lifetime. Armed gangs will not only rob, rape, and kill, they will start ruling according to the historical law of justice. And by the way, this is already happening, except that so far, they have been thieves who look like killers; later they will be killers who look like thieves. You will immediately see the difference, as you can see it now between Yanukovych and Poroshenko/Yushchenko.

This division of Ukraine is necessary if only to brainwash these deranged Ukrainians (incidentally, reasonable Ukrainians are in the majority, but they remain silent) and cleanse their brains of neo-Nazi ideas, as was done in Germany in 1945 according to the same scheme: FRG-GDR.

Second, Novorossiya’s lands, being the least contaminated by Nazism, will be quickly Russianized, naturally. It will not formally join Russia. There is no need for that.

It will be the second largest state in Europe by size (at minimum, eight regions). In terms of resources and intellectual potential, these regions can make rapid strides toward well-being and self-sufficiency.

If anyone is still concerned about international recognition and being able to go to Disneyland, let me disabuse you: It’s all bullshit. Transnistria’s experience is very instructive in this respect.

Complete story at - "Kiev will join Novorossiya in 2017" |

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