Monday, December 1, 2014

Five Things that Drive the West Mad about Russia / Sputnik UK

Russia bashing and the demonization of Vladimir Putin are the West’s new political media fads of our time. The tone of the commentary is getting increasingly strident and any boundaries of what’s permissible disappear.

Hating and getting things wrong related to Russia and Russians is a one-way bet; there is no downside when a journalist or politician is proven wrong when it comes to Russia. When caught they have a ready made and simple reply – “See! This is evidence of Kremlin propaganda at work!”

Russia is certainly a vexing place for the West to understand. Russians, for the most part, see their country as a normal place in the world they love and demand others to respect. Here are five reasons the West cannot understand and surely not accept about today’s Russia.

1. Russians reject the West’s postmodernist agenda

Few in the West will ever admit it, but ever since the end of the Second World War a new faith was been invented and it is called Human Rights Religion. We are told promoting the United Nations Charter, democracy, human rights, women’s rights, gay rights, and all those other rights (should) now drive foreign policy statecraft. Realpolitik, we are told, is old fashioned and a primitive way to understand and pursue international relations.

Russia’s political elites view the West’s Human Rights Religion contemptuously and for good reason. The West demands all follow this new faith to the letter, but at the same time the faith doesn’t not necessarily apply to the West itself all of the time. Why? Because the West believes it stands taller and can see farther. For Russia and a growing number of countries around the world, the West’s Human Rights Religion is seen for what it is: a scheme to disarm, de-legitimize, and eliminate any country in the world that challenges the West’s new faith.

Russia sees the world differently; it has a modern perspective. Crimea is a good example. The West supported the violent coup that overturned a democratically elected government in Kiev. As a result of the coup, Ukraine’s constitutional order was destroyed – meaning all bets were off. The Crimea – inspired by 20th century self-determination — went to the polls and decided its fate. The West is not interested in an idea that drives Russia and Russians and it is called “identity.” The concept of “identity” has nothing to do with Human Rights Religion.

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