Monday, December 8, 2014

Out-of-town radical patriots threaten to burn down Sloviansk City Council |

A rally was held at the City Council in Sloviansk: Protesters demanded that teachers and school principals who have supported Donbas self-defense troops be fired

About 10 people, who called themselves representatives of the Sloviansk community, rallied with posters and flags at the Sloviansk City Council. The protestors demanded that the staff in the culture and education departments be reshuffled and that teachers who support Novorossiya be sacked. Furthermore, the radicals suggested that the teaching staff of School No. 15 be checked for "patriotism and patriotic teaching."

A day earlier, there had been an incident at the school: A student put on a blue-and-yellow ribbon bracelet, and a teacher asked him "to remove the shred from his hand."

In addition, the protestors proposed to "involve students in patriotic campaigns, including making presents for soldiers and weaving camouflage nets."

The protesters brought tires and bottles, presumably Molotov cocktails, to frighten residents. However, they did not use them but promised to "make some smoke" next time if their demands were not satisfied.

Police did not respond to the direct threat from the radical patriots.

Complete story at - Out-of-town radical patriots threaten to burn down Sloviansk City Council |

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