Monday, December 8, 2014

War Again in Europe? Not in Our Name! | DeepResource

More than 60 very prominent Germans have signed a document that calls for a new European-Russian detente policy and rejects the (American) idea of confrontation with Russia. Initiated by former chancellor-adviser Horst Teltschik (CDU), former defense secretary Walther Stützle (SPD) and former vice ‘speaker of the house’ Antje Vollmer (Grüne). Prominent signatories:

former government chiefs of Hamburg, Berlin and Brandenburg, Klaus von Dohnanyi, Eberhard Diepgen and Manfred Stolpe, former SPD-chairman Hans-Jochen Vogel, former chancellor Gerhard Schröder and former president Roman Herzog.

[] – “Wieder Krieg in Europa? Nicht in unserem Namen!”

Editor: more good news. What we need now is a European Declaration of Independence from the United States, removal of failed chancellor Angela Merkel from power and a joint German-French government declaration that both countries will leave NATO immediately and all the other western institutions and join SCO and BRICS, as well as the formation of a European army. American troops are told to leave Germany, but US nuclear weapons are only returned if the US returns all the gold it holds in its vaults on US soil.

Complete story at - War Again in Europe? Not in Our Name! | DeepResource

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