Monday, December 8, 2014

Molotov cocktails in Orthodox churches of Kiev |

Late at night on December 2, unidentified persons attempted to start a fire in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Icon of the Joy of All Who Sorrow in the Babi Yar memorial complex

"A Molotov cocktail was thrown into the altar through the window grate. The fire scorched the wall, the window, the planking and polyethylene," Father Serhiy Temnik said.

He said the church guard saw the flames and put the fire out, saving the relics that were in the altar. Father Serhiy added that the church had been threatened increasingly often recently, but this was the first time that his church had been attacked.
He reported the incident to the police.

This was not the first attack at a church in Ukraine. In October, a group of 50 people accompanied by police seized the Orthodox Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin in Turka, a town in the Lviv Region. In August, Ukrainian radicals disrupted a service in the Church of the Intercession in the village of Chervona Motovylivka and demanded that Father Volodymyr Navozenko "leave Ukraine within a week" or they would kill him.

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