Monday, December 8, 2014

Fort Russ: "We turned out to be the same stupid prostitutes as the poles" - outrage and anger on Bulgarian forums

NoBC4U Note: So, Russia decides to cancel South Stream because the EU continues to delay and put up barriers to it's construction.  And what country gets hurt the most?  Bulgaria.  One of the poorest countries in the EU.  But don't fret Bulgaria.  Should Ukraine ever qualify for EU membership (doubtful), Ukraine will take over the bottom rung on the poorest of the poor in the EU ladder.

Krasavchik - Live Journal

I decided to read the comments on Bulgarian information resources. You can feel for our Bulgarian brothers. Translated a couple dozen of them. The vast majority of the comments, of course were written in the following spirit:

* * *
Yes, something happened, what I was talking about a long time ago - the South Stream will pass through the territory of the country, which is a more reliable partner than we are! Well, we're a wealthy country, for us 400 million euros... is nothing. We will not even ask for compensation from the EU, you can be sure!
* * *
God, what idiots are in charge right now!
* * *
Are you Bulgarians or are you stupid? We had to fight!!!
* * *
It's very simple. To this point we were led by greedy Prime Minister with BSP party. It is a national disaster!

* * *
BSP, ABV, ATTACK, organize protests in front of the Presidential Palace, the Parliament, in order to prove to them that we are a civil society and not paid sorosoids!
* * *
In a year we will buy Russian gas from Turkey and Greece, only with commission to the Turks and the Byzantines.

Complete story at - Fort Russ: "We turned out to be the same stupid prostitutes as the poles" - outrage and anger on Bulgarian forums

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