Friday, November 14, 2014

The Day After: Say Good Bye To What Was Posing as American Democracy | Opinion | teleSUR

New York, New York: In North America, we call these election “cycles” as the two main parties battle each other, not by mobilizing voters or building political movements but mostly through desperate fund raising pitches and sloganizing.

The Democrats go after small change while the Republicans rely on billionaire funders and their political action committees. Politics is seen as an investment, a way to control the resources of the state and the lucrative appropriations process. It’s about money as much as mission.

The Republicans have been waging a NO campaign over at least seven cycles characterized not by offering a program for change or better policies but systematic denigration, holding President Obama personally responsible for every problem, flaw and error. It's gang-up politics driven by simple message points to undermine trust. The message: its all his fault, and frankly some of it is.

In many ways this approach mirrors the 60 year campaign of trying to demonize Fidel Castro in Cuba or Hugo Chavez in Venezuela over years. Find a “bad guy,” give him no credit and heap every every bit of sarcasm and conspiracy theory that you can “credibly” deploy to discredit him. Truth is never a criteria.

This year, as Tom Engelhart writes, "Escalation" or amping up minor threats to public safety, is the new toy of the political class for manipulating voters. Making these small threats loom large in the public eye also conveniently diverts attention from bigger issues, like inequality, high unemployment, and the rise of McJobs.”

Complete story at - The Day After: Say Good Bye To What Was Posing as American Democracy | Opinion | teleSUR

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