Friday, November 14, 2014

Fort Russ: Explosion at a banderite nightclub rocks Kharkov


An explosion rocked a nightclub "Stena" ('Wall') in downtown Kharkov, on Rymarska street, on the evening of November 9.

According to preliminary information, 8 people were injured, including 2 critically. Official version of the cause was a gas leak. According to other information, the explosion occurred next to the bar, where a package was left.

"Tonight they were meeting battalion Kharkov-1. I hope that there is a connection between their arrival and the explosion. The owner of the club Stena is a maidan nut . Was collecting aid for the juntists, who often partied there," - said militiaman Prokhorov.

Kharkov nationalists said that at this time in the club were the militants of punitive battalion 'Azov'.

"It's not a gas leak!!! The explosion took place near the bar. There was a package. 2 critically injured, 50/50 that they will survive. 6 in the hospital. Walking wounded 15-20 people".

"It was a terrorist attack. Dialed the owner of the club, he can't talk now. Looks like 'Vata's' work [Vata means Russians], today we watched our game, 'Azov' was there," - said other local supporters of Maidan.

Complete story at - Fort Russ: Explosion at a banderite nightclub rocks Kharkov

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