Friday, October 31, 2014

TASS: World - Some 200 Kiev residents block traffic demanding heat in their houses

KIEV, October 30. /TASS/. About 200 people blocked traffic along a Kiev street protesting against heat and hot water supply shortages in their houses, the UNIAN news agency reported on Thursday.

Residents of Kiev’s southwestern district Solomensky say that although the heating season has already started, there was no heating and hot water in their houses. Moreover, they say they have been having electricity supplies problems since October 19, too.

An activist said that people had asked the authorities to solve this problem more than once but the problem was still there.

According to media reports, protesters only let ambulance cars pass along the street, with public transport and private vehicles stuck in a congestion.

Police are taking no measures to disperse the protesters.

Last week, Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko decreed to begin the heating season in “all houses without exceptions” across the entire country before October 26. The president said that heating was the competence of local authorities.

Complete story at - TASS: World - Some 200 Kiev residents block traffic demanding heat in their houses

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