Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Russian news: Putin Disses Merkel in Milan. Displays Confidence, No Sign of Budging on Ukraine. - Russia Insider

This is a typically bogus and biased article from the NYT, but we are running it because it speaks volumes about Russia's position vis a vis the EU on the Ukraine. One has to read between the lines to understand that Putin's symbolic message was: take a flying leap.

Ignore the silly pop-psychology The Times descends to, and their relentless maligning of Putin personally. Also, a typical Times ploy, they manage to slip in a howling falsehood. "Even with Russia’s economy steadily grinding downward, with a recession looming..." Ahem, the economy is growing, and predicted to grow in the coming years. Sanctions aren't working, no recession in sight. In fact the sanctions are strengthening the Russian economy, one of the reasons Putin is feeling so confident these days.

Ahh,The Times..., we could create a whole website dedicated to the nonsense they peddle...

MILAN — He was at it again this week.

First, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia stopped in Belgrade, Serbia, for a military parade evocative of the Cold War. He questioned Kosovo’s sovereignty, took a swipe at President Obama in the Serbian news media and reached a summit meeting in Milan so far behind schedule that he was hours late for a private evening meeting with Europe’s most powerful leader, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany.

Nor was Mr. Putin done. When he left Ms. Merkel at roughly 2 a.m. Friday, his entourage streaked through Milan to the home of his friend and Italy’s former prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi. The men talked and enjoyed truffles until about 4 a.m., whereupon Mr. Putin departed, leaving him barely four hours before he joined European leaders, including Ukraine’s president, Petro O. Poroshenko, for a pivotal breakfast meeting.

For Mr. Putin, the helter-skelter blitz through Milan was only the latest demonstration of an unpredictable, often theatrical, diplomatic style that he has employed during the Ukraine crisis to throw his rivals off balance. This time he kept Ms. Merkel waiting late at night. Last month he upstaged President Obama on the eve of a NATO summit meeting focused on Russian aggression when he unexpectedly announced a seven-point peace plan for Ukraine — written on the back of a napkin as he flew for a state visit in Mongolia.

Complete story at - Russian news: Putin Disses Merkel in Milan. Displays Confidence, No Sign of Budging on Ukraine. - Russia Insider

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