Thursday, October 23, 2014

Article: Why The US Endgame for Russia Means the Death of American Democracy | OpEdNews

Authors note: Democracy and fascism cannot occupy the same space. A country is either one or the other. People are either one or the other. The article is long because the documentation needs to reflect that gravity.


When we think of a coup or regime change there is usually a face or a group to peg it on. Ukraine was taken over by Ukrainian nationalists; we can see them. What I am going to describe is a faceless, nameless takeover that was based on ideology only. What if it didn't matter who the next leader was but the ideological foundation was forever changed?

With the beginning of the Cold War, then president Truman partially legitimized the OUN. Had Truman known the turn this would soon take, would he have done it?

According to Jonathan Levy (The Intermarium-Wilson, Madison, & East Central European Federalism), a member of the International Criminal Bar in the Hague who holds a Ph.D in political Science and has taught terrorism and diplomatic thery at Norwich University:

In 1949, CIA Director, Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter in a letter to the Chairman of the Displaced Persons Committee made official a change in policy towards the OUN. He acknowledged that while the organization had collaborated with the Nazis during the Second World War, its members were to be considered solely as anti-Soviets able to "find common ground with new partners." The CIA Director did warn, however, that the Bandera faction was made up of extreme nationalists. This reclassification as anti-Soviet (better known as anti-communist) paved the way for a quiet nationalist invasion of the United States .

Bandera is a term I use loosely these days. In reality there were over 2,000 groups that worked under the auspices of Bandera's ABN (Anti-Bolshevik Nations), and today in America 'Bandera' is the UCCA (Ukrainian Congressional Committee of America) . Far flung groups today in Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, and the greater horn of Africa have long been part of the greater ABN community. Many of these groups, because they are so many and varied, don't even recognize each other at first sight. The Muslim Brotherhood is just one example. Al Qaeda and the Taliban are two more. All of these were helped by Yaroslav Stetsko's Bandera ABN through the UCCA in America. The common bond appears when the religious veneer is stripped away. Take away the Muslim part and you are left with an ultra nationalist (fascist) politics.

The problem with the ABN, according to the CIC (Command Intelligence Center, or Army Counter Intelligence), was that it was a tool of the Bandera faction of OUN (Organization of UKrainian Nationalists). An April 1946 extract by the CIC found OUN/B or "the Bandera gang" to be nationalistic, anti-Soviet and anti-American as well as anti-Semitic and involved with criminal activity and espionage. It was noted that many former SS men were members.(ibid)

If this conclusion could be reached as part of American history, in which an emigre group gradually assimilated into our democratic society, that would be one thing. They never did. According to their own documents: In 1980, the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America was taken over by theOUN(B) and thus ceased to represent the Ukrainian community as a whole. The power and influence of the OUN factions have been declining steadily due to assimilation pressures, ideological incompatibility with the Western liberal-democratic ethos, and the increasing tendency of political groups in Ukraine to move away from integral nationalism.

It is clear that by 1980 the OUN-ABN-UCCA had set their sites on larger things than Ukraine. They accomplished what General John Hackett, Commander of NATO's Northern Army Group, and good friend of Yaroslav Stetsko envisioned in 1988 could be done to the Soviet Union, doing it to the USA instead: infiltrate and conquer.

Complete story at - Article: Why The US Endgame for Russia Means the Death of American Democracy | OpEdNews

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