Monday, March 23, 2015

Busting Ukraine Fakes (#1) – How Ukraine’s Media Works (Fakes) | The Truth Speaker

Graham Phillips

A series, looking at the fakes behind perhaps the world’s most dishonest media...

When Ukrainian media fakes about myself hit the hundreds, I stopped keeping track. To come in future instalments, but they did everything, from faking civilian cemeteries for cemeteries of the ‘Russian soldiers’ , to seeing ‘Russian soldiers‘ in every single fighter in Donbass (incidentally all Donbass citizens are ‘Russian actors’, in Ukrainian media).

Having been on the receiving end so often, I can tell you just how Ukraine’s mendacious media works – exemplified by this recent case in point. I arrived at Heathrow airport on March 4th, after having taken part in the MH17 investigation in the Netherlands. At Heathrow, I was detained for four hours, questioned by British authorities about my role in the conflict in Donbass, released without charge. I gave many interviews on the subject, describing exactly what had happened.

How this came out in the Ukrainian media was, such – ‘ ‘Journalist’ Graham Phillips passed on information about Russian occupant troops in Donbass to British Special Services’ - this from state-funded news portal, this then disseminated into at least half a dozen Ukrainian news sites, countless social media.

Looking past the clumsily loaded terminology, let’s get to the article itself – ‘Phillips underwent many hours of questioning about my illegal activities in Donbass’ – ok, let’s look past some more troweled-on loaded terminology to get to the article itself.

‘After literally 5 minutes, Phillips agreed to cooperate with British authorities.’

Complete story at - Busting Ukraine Fakes (#1) – How Ukraine’s Media Works (Fakes) | The Truth Speaker


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