Monday, February 23, 2015

Korsun massacre anniversary - what really pushed Crimea away from Ukraine - Fort Russ

While the Ukrainian Euro-maidanites are celebrating the anniversary of the bloody coup, the supporters of Antimaidan begin to mark their own tragic dates. Exactly one year ago, on February 20, a bestial gang of Nazis from the "Right Sector" attacked a convoy of buses with Crimeans near Korsun, perpetrating a real slaughter and a massacre of the opponents of a nationalist coup.

Eight buses with Crimeans, who participated in Kiev in Antimaidan rallies, were returned home [after their opponents have won]. Near Korsun in Cherkasy oblast, the convoy was ambushed by the armed thugs from the Right Sector. As became known later, the Nazis were aware of the movement of the column and were expecting the Crimeans.

The captured buses were burned, their passengers were brutally tortured, beaten and humiliated. Several people were beaten to death and murdered.

A testimony of one of the victims of torture by the Right Sector scum soon appeared online:

"We were going home from Kiev with the guys on a bus. There was a roadblock. They started to shoot at us, throwing Molotov cocktails," - shared her experience victim Oksana. "When I came out, I was hit, then they started to pull the boys". The Crimean activists of "Stop Maidan" were attacked near Korsun-Shevchenkovsky, when they returned from Kiev. On the bus there was also an injured man, for whom an ambulance was called earlier. "And they started to beat us. Boys, girls - they didn't care - remembers Oksana. "Then they took the men, and they came back already half naked. Forced them to kneel on broken glass and sing the Ukrainian anthem, shouting "Glory to the Heroes". They took the phones, passports, beat them and took them away. We were left on the bus for nine hours, and then released". The attackers spoke Ukrainian, and forced the Crimeans to speak the state language. Their actions were marked by frenzied brutality and hatred for the Crimeans.

"Now I like the situation in Crimea. At that time, when we were in trouble, not one military, nor the police saved us. No one would give a damn. When they let us go, told us to pass a message that they will soon arrive in Crimea, and it will be much worse than in Kiev. I'm glad that someone will protect us."

Complete story at - Korsun massacre anniversary - what really pushed Crimea away from Ukraine - Fort Russ


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