Saturday, February 21, 2015

Colonel Cassad (in English) - The first anniversary of the start of the civil war in Ukraine

It might make you hate. But we do not want hate. We want a reasoned understanding of the criminality of fascism and how it should be opposed. We must realize that these murders are the gestures of a bully, the great bully of fascism. There is only one way to quell a bully, and that is to thrash him... (с) Hemingway

Exactly one year ago a civil war started in Ukraine. The people were perishing even before the shooting of people in Kiev on the 20th of February, but it was precisely the 20th of February (in Russian) which became a milestone after which the events turned towards the track that is fatal for the Ukraine. The coup, the disintegration of the country, and large-scale military action, which followed the bloodbath finalized the "Ukrainian path towards Europe". Actually, even before the fact of the coup that happened on the 21st of February, by the evening of the 20th of February it became clear (in Russian) that there are no "clever plans" and that there is a total catastrophe of the ruling regime of Yanukovich, which pulled the Ukraine to the bottom along with itself as it was going down.

As for me personally, then despite all my skepticism towards eloquent tales of "Yanukovich's clever plan", first didn't think that the Ukrainian Gorbachevism will end with an actual civil war a la Yugoslavia. A complete understanding was achieved by me personally on February 16, when the fascists publicly beat up the peaceful protesters in Kiev. Back then I wrote (in Russian) about the civil war against the fascism, not imagining that in the nearest months this war will stop being just a figure of speech.

What can a citizen do when he is facing fascism in his own country? He may accept it and hope to survive the "time of troubles" in the hope that it won't touch him. This is a naive layman illusion, which the rank-and-file Germans enjoyed until the moment when the fascism brought into their cities not just the happy news from the fronts, the goods from the subjugated lands and the eastern slaves, but also the flows of bombs that destroy their cities and kill women and children, and in the end – an utter collapse of the state and the dismemberment of Germany. So those who intend to sit it out are lulled into complacency – as the fascism spreads, it touches everyone.

In this respect it is important to understand that convincing the fascists that they are wrong is a pointless and useless task. Naked force, which is used by the fascism, must be counterbalanced by naked force – that is, semi-militarized units, which must be created by communist and anti-fascist organizations and also by those citizens who understand what is fascism and what it brings. These units are necessary because the security apparatus of the Ukrainian not-quite-state is unable to fulfill the elementary duties of suppressing the fascism.

Naturally, the question of the legality of such actions arises because the officials use their one hand support the fascists and create a maximally beneficial environment for them and use their other hand to block any attempts to self-organize for fighting the threat of fascism. In this respect it is important to understand that, from the point of view of the existing government, the struggle against fascism is illegal. If you, seeing the deception of the current authorities that encourage fascism, try to create a structure for fighting against it and participate in it, then you are most likely crossing the line of the law. Such is the Ukrainian reality, unadorned.

And this is a simple choice. To obey and to limit oneself to peaceful rallies, where the fascists can beat up civilians with impunity or to follow the opponent's example, acting on the principle "of turning a deaf ear".

It is enough to observe how the fascists behave: if the prosecutor's office forbids something, then they do it. If the judge prohibits their rallies, they rally. A minister ruled to disperse? They stayed. Some of the militants were detained? They applied forceful pressure and the authorities let them go. All of these actions are illegal, but they work. Until the anti-fascists will understand that by remaining within the boundaries of the Ukrainian law they disarm themselves in the face of the fascists, the civilians will be beaten up hard, just like when they attacked the veterans of the Great Patriotic War in Lvov several years ago, giving the fascists the pretense to scoff on the subject of weakness and worthlessness of the anti-fascists, who are good only for rallies and for running away from sticks and kicks. And this is a weakness, which only convinces them that they are right, that this is exactly the way for them to achieve their goals.

It is time to get rid of the illusions that your voice of reason will be heard in the twisted world of fascism. The chant of "let there be no war" doesn't work either, because fascism is war, and there is no way to run away.

It must be plainly understood that no matter how the current crisis will end and no matter who will become president in 2015 – Yanukovich, Tymoshenko, Yatsenyuk, or Klitschko, the fascism itself, which showed its teeth during the Kiev winter of 2014, won't go anywhere; it already became a factor of the Ukrainian reality and sooner or later there will be a war to its destruction. And the sooner people will understand it, the lower will be the final price that will have to be paid in the end for the elimination of the Ukrainian fascism.

Complete story at - Colonel Cassad (in English) - The first anniversary of the start of the civil war in Ukraine

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