Friday, January 30, 2015

Wake Up, Soldier of Ukraine! | Futurist Trendcast

Artist: rock band "Alexander Matrosov"

Lyrics – English translation by Lada Ray

Remember, the soldier of Ukraine,
you swore to protect your people?
Why do you turn Donbass into ruins,
why do you keep shooting at children?


You kill,
You are killed.
What for?
You don’t understand,
but bullets keep flying.
This war is bad for everyone.


Those who get filthy rich on war.
They will create any deception,
for them your life means nothing.
In the quiet of their offices,
in stylish designer suits,
they enjoy the whisper of dollars,
while you die in the war…


Wake up, the soldier of Ukraine,
stop shooting at your brothers as if they were training targets,
and shell them from Grads,
and send mines instead of presents into every home.



This isn’t a secret any more!

Your enemies are in Kiev offices!
The more deaths the bigger their banking account!

There is no other reason.

They will seduce and scapegoat you.
They are only strong while war rages.
Wake up, the soldier of Ukraine,
Wake up, the soldier of Ukraine,
Wake up, the soldier of Ukraine.
The world is awaiting your decision!

Complete story at - Wake Up, the Soldier of Ukraine! | Futurist Trendcast

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