Friday, January 30, 2015

Famous Moron Thomas Friedman Says "Czar Putin" Might Invade Baltics in Order To Raise Oil Prices - Russia Insider

Policy wonks and other nerds might recall that Russia just announced a $35 billion "anti-crisis" spending plan to support an economy battered by Western sanctions and falling oil prices. But how will the Russians pay for this robust financial package?

Nobody really knows except for Thomas Friedman, who is considered by all responsible historians to be the greatest disseminator of knowledge since Gutenberg and his revolutionary torrent-sharing machine, "the printing press."

Although he is known as an accomplished author and pie-eating champion, Thomas Friedman is also celebrated as a highly-authoritative gossip columnist for The New York Times. And it is his most recent gossip scoops which sparked your correspondent's curiosity and admiration.

"Czar Putin"—we are now quoting directly from Friedman—"is now almost entirely dependent on oil and gas exports, so he’s really hurting with the oil price collapse."

However, this conundrum is easily remedied, or so we are led to believe:
If Putin decides to fully invade Ukraine, or worse, one of the Baltic states, and test whether NATO will really fight to defend either, the price of oil will go up.
100% brilliant. All Putin needs to do is invade "one of the Baltic states"—any Baltic state, it doesn't really matter which one—and then abracadabra!, back to $100 oil and caviar for breakfast. The beauty of this plan is in its remarkable simplicity.

Complete story at - Famous Moron Thomas Friedman Says "Czar Putin" Might Invade Baltics in Order To Raise Oil Prices - Russia Insider


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