Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ukrainians name Donbass deaths ‘event of the year,’ ignore EU deal – poll — RT News

Nearly half of the Ukrainians who took part in a media poll listed thousands of deaths in the country’s east as the “event of the year.” The signing of the Association Agreement with the EU was deemed important by less than 10 percent of respondents.

Only 8.3 percent of Ukrainians named the ratification of the free trade deal with the European Union on September 16 the most significant event of the year, a countrywide opinion poll carried out by Kiev International Institute of Sociology and organized by ZN.UA media outlet has revealed.

Thousands of casualties in the conflict in southeastern Ukraine were highlighted by 46.6 percent of the respondents, who considered it the “most important” among the list of 18 events suggested by the poll.

The results of the comprehensive survey are said to be based on more than 3,000 interviews taken in 179 Ukrainian cities and villages. Although the project’s organizers say their survey represents the views of Ukrainian people in all regions, it also mentions that “for obvious reasons” the poll was conducted only on Kiev-controlled territories in the Lugansk region, and “primarily” on such territories in the Donetsk region.

While setting aside the deal that is seen as one of the main causes of the ongoing crisis, 40 percent of the respondents also said they “fully agree” that Ukraine should enter the EU, with 15 percent “completely disagreeing” with the move.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s election as the country's new leader and the downed Malaysia Airlines plane (which the poll directly blames on “terrorists”) turned out to be among the least important events for the country, according to the poll.

Meanwhile, “the occupation of Crimea by Russia” scored third place on the list, with the option being most popular in central Ukraine (43.7 percent) but least popular in Donbass (19.7 percent).

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