Thursday, January 8, 2015

Avakov gives a preview of road police reform

Talka says: The word on the street here is that the salary will be about 3500 hriven, equivalent to $220. A month. And as the value of the hriven continues to decrease, so will the equivalent dollar value decrease. I note here that the Kiev Post conveniently fails to mention anything about a salary, as if maybe just the honor of holding the position would be enough.

Ukraine's capital will get a new road patrol service sometime next spring, which will replace the post-Soviet road inspections, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov announced on his Facebook page on Dec. 24.

“We will have a new police patrol service. With new approaches, rules and new people. And hopefully, with your renewed trust,” the minister wrote.

He said that the Interior Ministry will start to recruit people to train to be new patrol officers for Kyiv on Jan. 20. He said selection will be competitive, and will be followed up with “three months of rigorous training and studies.” He said the final tests after the training program are expected to select 50 percent of applicants.

“So, in the spring we will get a new patrol police service in Kyiv. A service that – i think – will serve you, and you will respect,” he said.

The pilot project will then be extended to other cities and towns, he says.

Road police remains one of the most corrupt public services in Ukraine. Some 34 percent of drivers said they came across attempts to solicit bribes in four months starting in March this year, according to a recent poll conducted by Auro.ria, a specialized website for drivers.

Avakov said that the new road patrollers will be paid well to ensure that they are not tempted, and urged Ukrainians to consider applying.

“The road is open for all – the military and the police included - as well as students and specialists with diplomas,” he wrote. “So, accept new rules and change of priorities+ Smile! + Accept a new high salary, along with responsibility = you will be a new police patroller!”

Complete story at - Avakov gives a preview of road police reform

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