Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Why is Poroshenko still President?... |

"Support for Petro Poroshenko plunged after six months in office. Disappointment in society is growing daily," Dmytro Kolisnichenko writes

Ukrainians are recovering from a stifling fog after they believed the fairy tale about a new life and voted for a head of state amidst anarchy and no real political competition.

Some events, such as the catastrophic decline in living standards that have pushed modern Ukraine to the nearly starving 1990s, are understood and perceived by everyone. Some other things, such as Holodomor in Donbas, have yet to find their way to the majority of Ukrainians, who are dominated by global media propaganda that carefully hush up the problem. When this happens, they will be terrified.

A growing number of Ukrainians understand that the current Ruin is caused not only by objective factors (blunders made by former authorities, the loss of Crimea and Donbas), but also the actions of the current authorities, headed by the president.

No billions were needed to start fighting corruption, rein in the oligarchs and bring order to the banking system. What was needed was a political will that should have been displayed by Petro Poroshenko.

However, the incumbent president of Ukraine was and still is primarily a big businessman, an oligarch. And only after, secondly, is he the guarantor of the Constitution. Petro Poroshenko’s assets (which were only growing during Yanukovych’s term in office) never disappeared, and his key priority today is to preserve them. And, where possible, to increase them.

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