Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ukraine will rapidly turn into an aggressive puppet state |

Petro Poroshenko has granted citizenship to three foreigners who are deemed to have ministerial posts

Ukrainian citizenship was granted to a U.S. citizen of Ukrainian descent, a Georgian and a Lithuanian.

"Ukraine is facing very unusual challenges: an extremely complicated economic situation, Russian aggression, the need for radical reforms and a fight against corruption. All that calls for non-standard solutions in government management. These solutions mean a search for candidates for the new Ukrainian government not just within Ukraine but also outside Ukraine, especially in those countries with experience in coping with systemic crises both internal and external," Mr. Poroshenko commented on his decision.

How can this decision affect Ukraine’s policy and where will it take it? We asked this question to Volodymyr Skachko, a known Kiev journalist:

"These actions are not going to have any effect on Ukraine’s policy. I have already compared the appointment of foreigners to the ministerial positions with an attempt to revive a Cossack long dead by putting amber beads from the Baltic states and a cold U.S. hamburger in one hand, and Georgian barbeque in the other.

Once it died, it’s dead. If Ukraine now demonstrates all the signs of failure and incapability, no new staff additions will help. They just confirm that Ukraine has not been independent for a long time, that it does not have independent authorities and it cannot do anything by itself. Ukraine needs underbosses so as to prevent it from disintegrating into pieces and to make it continue the assignment the February 22, 2014 coup was arranged for.

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