Friday, December 12, 2014

Ukrainian MPs are surrounded with luxury |

Verkhovna Rada deputies throw money around, flinging away millions in public funds, while most Ukrainians are forced to tighten their belts and save

About 90 members of the Ukrainian parliament, including most commanders and members of the punishing battalions, do not have their own housing in Kiev. They stay at the government’s expense at the four-star Kiev Hotel in the center of the capital. The rooms at the hotel cost the Ukrainian budget 1,500 hryvnia (about $90) daily.

Andriy Teteruk, a deputy from the People’s Front party and commander of the Peacemaker battalion, said his neighbor at the hotel is Semyon Semenchenko. Another battalion commander, Yuri Bereza, is staying on the same floor. Teteruk said that he would not mind if lunch was also covered.

"The prices are extremely high, we are looking together for a place to eat which would correspond to our social status. It’s very expensive,” the newly elected deputy said.

Despite the budget deficit, the Ukrainian treasury will have to spend 1 million hryvnia monthly for the accommodation of deputies without housing in Kiev.

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