Friday, December 12, 2014

Ukraine - the issues, the whole truth and nothing but - English

Much has been written about Ukraine this year after an illegal Putsch overthrew the democratically elected President, then saw a motley clique of Fascists, terrorists and thugs rise to power amid a flurry of anti-Russian edicts and calls for the extermination of Russians and Jews on the streets of Kiev. As Winter approaches, along with the New Year celebrations, let us remember the key issues.

There are four main points to remember from the Ukraine story in 2014, as a Western corporate media along with its activists try to paint a rosy picture of post-Putsch Kiev, one which unfortunately ignores the stark reality I am about to outline below.

The first point is the legal aspect of the Ukraine story; the second is that Crimea is Russian territory; the third is the hypocritical and ridiculous stance of NATO and its criticism of Russia for giving rise to concerns over the Black Sea - who surrounds half of the Black Sea to the South and West? The fourth point is the nature of NATO itself, what it represents and how it provokes situations to perpetuate itself.

The legal aspect of the situation in Ukraine

After President Viktor Yanukovich tried to protect the livelihoods and jobs of Ukraine's youth by refusing to sign an agreement with the European Union which was, and would be increasingly, one-sided and which would see Ukraine's factories close, would see its farmers paid to bury their crops and their fishermen subsidized to dock their fleets, those behind the Orange Revolution went back to work.

What ensued was bedlam on the streets of Kiev, where a wave of anti-Russian hysteria was skillfully mixed with a movement to oust the President and bring Ukraine into the western fold. Shots were fired against the police, shots were fired from the sixth floor of Hotel Ukraine in Independence Square against the protesters below, to incriminate the police, create victims and launch a cause. Forgotten was the agreement signed by the Opposition to hold early Presidential elections in December, 2014.

In the event, President Yanukovich chose to remove himself from the scene so as to save lives, leaving his country to a motley clique of Fascists, criminals, terrorists, racists and traitors who have since ruined the future of millions of Ukrainian citizens and witnessed the virtual disintegration of the country. Fascist massacres ensued, for example, in Mariupol (May 10), in Donetsk (October 20) and in Odessa (May 2). These massacres are well documented on the Internet for those who wish to research for themselves and provide a telling rebuff to those callous commentators who state that such massacres never existed. Perhaps these commentators would like to visit the said cities and state loud and clear that the massacres never happened.

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