Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Residents outraged by power cuts in the Kiev Region | Ukraina.ru

Power has been switched off in the Kiev Region in the morning and evening several times recently. Earlier, the authorities swore that there would be no power cuts during those hours

A spokesperson for the Kievoblenerho grid company has explained that rotating power cuts are now being applied throughout the region due to an emergency at unit 3 of the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant, which caused a power deficit that could not be immediately compensated for. December 2 saw power cuts both in the Kiev Region and elsewhere across the country. In Kiev and the far-off suburbs, power was switched off at 8:41 am Moscow Time, according to the Kievoblenerho website.

The company urged consumers in the capital and the suburbs to save electricity, use it rationally and avoid running several high power consumption appliances simultaneously.

Power cuts without warning affect people much more severely than it might seem at first sight, paralyzing the water supply and shutting off gas boilers. Suburban cottage towns are particularly vulnerable.

There were power cuts in the Sviatoshyn, Vyshhorod, Makariv and Borispyl districts and in the towns of Irpin and Bucha in the Kiev Region on December 1-2, locals say.

"I live in the Kiev-Sviatoshyn District, in the village of Dmytrovka. Emergency power cuts started yesterday [December 1]. At first, they warned that it would happen between 6 and 8 pm. And so it did. But they switched off power this morning too, at 8 am. It lasted to about 10 am. All our houses have autonomous heating systems, but as the majority of gas boilers can’t operate without electricity, there is no heating either," an angry local resident complained on the Internet.

"The lights went out without any warning. Our life depends so much on electricity. You can't take a shower, or drink a cup of tea or heat up food after work. We are lucky to have a coal boiler. But what about home appliances, refrigerators and others?" echoed another web user.

Complete story at - Residents outraged by power cuts in the Kiev Region | Ukraina.ru

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