Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Ukrainian Failed State: Analysis of Phase 3 | Center For Syncretic Studies

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By: Joaquin Flores

The election of Sunday, October 26th, was called by Poroshenko to ostensibly push the government into an even further anti-Russian position. On the face of it, the election aimed to escalate what has been termed a ‘lustration’ process [1]. This fits well into the common narrative, being that Poroshenko is directly controlled by the US to push against Russia. While this is true, there is also another more complex dynamic unfolding, which will be explored in this report.

However, the banned Communist Party of Ukraine, coupled with a crippled Party of Regions, a raging civil war, and roving bands of Pravy Sektor hooligans on the US dole to silence dissent in major Ukrainian cities and towns, meant that an increase of various anti-Russian political formations in the Rada was a foregone conclusion. In order to guarantee that the vote was pulled in the right direction, there must be a marked increase in KJ military activities on the day of the election. As we wrote about last month, if the Novorossiyans want to see the KJ government stay together, they will wait until after the election and even the formation of a new government before the NM speaks positively of any results.

On the NM side, the Voentorg will be ‘reopened’ at the earliest need, insofar as it falls within Russia’s ability to control the pacing and information-war side of this conflict. The Voentorg has a much more interesting role, much more than a mere distributor of army supplies. Since the start of this conflict, we have explained in numerous talks and articles how Russian soldiers and people with military backgrounds have funneled their way into Novorossiya. Voentorg has come to mean this process or method of organization.


On September 15th we published a broad piece which forewarned the possibility of the US backing their own Pravy Sektor and Svoboda Party to oust the (also US backed) nominally republican Poroshenko led junta government in Kiev. Recent developments in the Ukraine conflict continue to confirm the explanatory and predictive power of this thesis. We laid out only several possibilities out of several others, and due to the type of piece and medium used, it is natural that we did not dissect every variable. This is not even technically possible without the use of complex game theory, with stochastic modeling based on infinite sets, as we have elaborated in greater detail in our past pieces.

But what is clear is this: so-called ‘far right’ groups in Ukraine are being backed by the US in order to increase pressure on Poroshenko, who by virtue of his position alone, nominally represents the last hanging threads of civil society. The US also backs Svoboda and other Pravy Sektor groups, an outgrowth of the Social-Nationalists and the surrounding, related, movement. These in turn are a combined Operation Gladio and OG-B [2], as it is adapted for the Arab Spring tactic, whose external media is Radio Svoboda. RS is openly a project of Radio Free Europe.

Complete story at - The Ukrainian Failed State: Analysis of Phase 3 | Center For Syncretic Studies

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