Saturday, November 1, 2014

Guerillas of Kharkov opened fire at the building of Security Service of Ukraine — Novorossia News Agency

This high profile incident was intentionally ignored by the local and all-Ukrainian media. However, guerillas and activists of underground resistance keep on with their struggle in Kharkov.

Guerilla movement gains momentum in the Kharkov region. The information obtained from the representatives of the local resistance movement testifies to the fact that in the occupied territory of the historical regions of Novorossiya a single network of guerilla units and sabotage groups is operating.

“The building of Security Service of Ukraine in Kharkov was subjected to machine-gun fire. The “conscious” did not report the incident, but the rumor in regard to this daring action spread widely around the city. Unknown people in the night time chase militants and Nazis — the participants of the massacre of May 2in Odessa and the ATO troopers deployed in the city. There are casualties among the above. Especially active “conscious” ones are simply beaten up to a messed-up state, — explained the militiaman well familiar with the situation in Kharkov.

Media reports concerning the actions of guerilla units and underground resistance groups in Kharkov are true, said the leader of the People’s Militia Igor Strelkov at the press-conference in Moscow on October 30.

As far as I know, they are virtual guerillas. I wish them stamina and they should take great care of themselves. In my opinion the present-day turmoil is not even close to conclusion. A lot of lives will be lost in the efforts to overcome it. We would like to spare those lives”, stressed the legendary commander.

Complete story at - Guerillas of Kharkov opened fire at the building of Security Service of Ukraine — Novorossia News Agency

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