Friday, November 21, 2014

Sacre Bleu! What’s Happening With The MISTRAL Ship “VLADIVOSTOK”? | The Kremlin Stooge

Alert Internet followers of this subject – and it has its own dedicated community, both for and against – noticed almost immediately when the MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) assignment changed from “France” to “Russia”, and the resulting speculation was instantaneous and explosive.

The “for” community was jubilant but restrained, considering this is only the expected outcome – the contract was signed in completely legal circumstances, and in fact was once touted as Russia finally making the right moves, by breaking away from its practice of purchasing state-supplied, obsolescent-on-delivery, technically-outclassed junk. More recently, the issue has become a bone growled over by the United States, which sees forestalling the delivery as a badly-needed political victory for Obama and America, whose image as a dispassionate button-pusher who can make anything happen, anywhere has suffered many dents of late. For that reason, the “against” community was incandescent with fury.

For its part, DCNS (Direction des Constructions Navales), owner of the St-Nazaire yard which built VLADIVOSTOK, was quick to deny any significance in switching the French identifier for the Russian, announcing that it was simply a required step in the Airworthiness test. This is probably true, but it has done little to calm the passions of those who believe the ships Russia legally contracted for, fulfilling its part of the bargain in every respect, should be withheld to “teach Putin a lesson”, although the “evidence” of Russian “meddling” in Ukraine has thus far turned out to be fabricated to an increasingly ridiculous degree, so much so that the Ukrainian NSDC Council recently reported an advancing column of its own armor and artillery as Russian.


The U.S. State Department reportedly is grinding the French government under its thumb, pressuring it daily not to crack, and insisting it withhold delivery of the VLADIVOSTOK and its sister ship, and proposing wild alternatives such as NATO purchasing the ships for its own use. My, yes – that’d be a great deal for France, wouldn’t it? It could collect payment from NATO – maybe – in one hand and pay most of the money out with the other in return of advances from Russia and penalties for breach of contract. NATO would get two ships specifically designed for the Russian navy which would require extensive and expensive retrofitting to make them operable by NATO. I guess when you cling to the illusion that you have unlimited spending money – thanks to holding the world’s reserve fiat currency – your financial common sense turns to goo and seeps out your ear into your pillow while you are sleeping.

Complete story at - Sacre Bleu! What’s Happening With The MISTRAL Ship “VLADIVOSTOK”? | The Kremlin Stooge

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