Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Putin banners, Novorossiya flags hoisted in Odessa |

Activists of the resistance movement in Odessa have installed banners with an appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin to punish those guilty of burning people alive on May 2 in the House of Trade Unions

This was announced by the Odessa People’s Home Guards (Anti-Maidan) in a post on the VKontakte social networking service.

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"Tonight, we installed a May 2 banner on the Teshchin Bridge!!! It reads: ‘Punish the May 2 killers, Mr. Putin!’ Over six months has passed, but only Anti-Maidan activists are sitting in the Odessa pretrial detention center, and only those who have suffered themselves. Even those who shot the editor in chief of Dumskaya (Odessa Internet publication. – Ed.) and killed at least another two people [are still at large]. All of this was captured on video. However, the police are in no hurry to take them into custody!!!" activists wrote.

Complete story, more photos at - Putin banners, Novorossiya flags hoisted in Odessa |

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