Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Eyewitness: Murder, Robbery and Rape in Mariupol | SLAVYANGRAD.org

REPORTER: This is the Voice of Novorossiya, the programme “In Reality”. We are going to talk about what is going on in Novorossiya. First we will speak about the Donetsk and the Lugansk Peoples’s Republics. First we take a look at the Donetsk Republic, an area that is occupied by the “glorious” and “fine” Ukrainian Army. We are connected with the City of Mariupol. Our interlocutor, Olga, comes from this wonderful city. Hello, Olga!

OLGA: Hello!

Olga, tell me, what’s going on there, because one only gets sporadic and inconsistent information from Mariupol. Usually someone has blown up something or killed someone. After that they say: “That’s not true, here all is quiet and well..” Some say that the officials have fled the city and that the “PrivatBank” has shifted its assets and branches. Tell us, what do things look like in Mariupol in reality?

The mood in the city is, of course, far from the best. There are actually people here who describe themselves as Ukrainian patriots. They are in favour of the Ukrainian authorities. But the vast majority of people are hiding their true views on the People’s Republic of Donetsk. After the referendum on May 11, everyone saw how many people came and stood for four hours in line to cast their votes for an independent People’s Republic of Donetsk.

As for the “PrivatBank”—yes, there are rumours that Kolomoisky withdrew his assets. But the branches are still open.

Regarding the killings and abductions of people—it is all true. This is very carefully concealed. There is no one talking about it. The Police work very closely with the criminal battalions, Azov, Dnepr, Shakhtarsk and Holy Mary. That name is, of course, a terrible one—if you ask me—for people who murder their fellow citizens. It is also somehow very stupid, if one can say so.

Recently an incident occurred not far from my home. It was at a bus stop in broad daylight, in the presence of fifteen people. A car full of Nazis pulled up. They chose two girls who looked the youngest, they just threw them in the car and disappeared. We have heard nothing from the girls for four days. One can only guess what has happened to them and whether or not they will ever come back home and in what condition.

Very often one hears about girls, mostly young, fourteen- to sixteen-year-olds, being brought to hospitals, girls who’ve been raped in a bestial manner. In a very cruel manner. I won’t describe it. Their physical condition—mental, at any rate—is terrible. It looks really bad for them. Everything on them has been torn apart. Sometimes to one big pulp. I shudder when I talk about it.

Complete story at - Eyewitness: Murder, Robbery and Rape in Mariupol | SLAVYANGRAD.org

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