Saturday, November 8, 2014

Kharkov guerrillas burned warehouse winter clothing for the army of the Kiev junta

Truth about situation in Ukraine
6th November 2014, city Kharkov, future Kharkov republic

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Yesterday morning Kharkov guerrillas burned warehouse winter clothing for the army of the Kiev junta

Department of Emergencies of Ukraine in the city Kharkov reported that:

" November 5 at 6:56 a. m. to the number "101" received a report of a fire that occurred in Chervonozavodsky district of city Kharkiv. The three-story apartment building burned on the str. Rustaveli № 28/1. In addition, the fire began to tumble to a nearby two-story building, located close. The total area of the fire was more than 300 square meters. The fire was covered the entire facade of the building facing, insulation and auto wash room on the ground floor. In addition, a fire partially damaged office space on the second and third floors... "

In internet was shared additional information that target of fire was offices using as warehouses of Kiev junta supporters:
"Seat of the fire was the premise used by volunteer organization such as warehousing. Here they store collected winter clothing, sleeping bags and other warm things to send chastisers of Kiev junta in Donbass."

As you can see the building burned badly, as if there really was a storehouse of things that are burning severely and produce a lot of smoke.
It is likely that the offices were warehouses of volunteer organizations of Kyiv junta.

By Konstantin — in Kharkov, Ukraine.

Complete story at - Timeline Photos - Truth about situation in Ukraine

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