Monday, November 24, 2014

Fort Russ: After eliminating competition Kiev edges closer to anarchy by battling with itself

The expert community had awakened. Almost all. Even yesterday's pessimists are no longer arguing about for how much and how will Novorossia be sold out, but solely on the timing of the beginning of Kiev's battle with itself.

It is a comforting fact. Not because the experts finally saw the obvious, but due to the fact that the spectrum of solutions of Kiev authorities narrowed so much that the options can easily be calculated by even people who have a distant view of chess and confuse geopolitics with immediate desires. The countdown is down to days, maximum weeks.

Lets try to play for Kiev, and see what kind of resources for prolonging the agony it has left.

The current situation was predetermined at the time when Poroshenko decided to fight for early parliamentary elections. I wrote many times that the old Rada was not an obstacle to him, on the contrary was even more controllable than it could become and has become. Also in May, when Peter Alexeyevich first announced the intention to dissolve the Parliament, I warned that he will get destabilization in the controlled territories and a split between the parties and the leaders of Maidan. I will not once again explain why this was inevitable. During the election campaign, the inevitable became a reality.

What do we have in Kiev and the surrounding areas today?

Complete story at - Fort Russ: After eliminating competition Kiev edges closer to anarchy by battling with itself

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