Monday, October 13, 2014

Russian news: The Guardian's Racism Against Russia - Russia Insider

by Joshua Tartakovsky

The Guardian newspaper can hardly be characterized as a "new right" journal, championing British imperialism abroad and anti-immigration policies at home.

When it comes to Russia and ethnic Russians, however, it peddles racism and stereotypes towards Russians whose sole vice is their ethnicity.

Take for example the Guardian’s recent article from October 4, on the rise of an ethnic Russian politician in Latvia and on the potential political power of ethnic Russians there. The article “Latvians fear elections could let Kremlin in by back door” begins by claiming that recent events in Ukraine “have set alarm bells ringing for the country's politicians and increased suspicions about Latvia's large ethnic Russian minority.” No additional sentence is provided below to express caution or reservation.

Would it be acceptable if the Guardian would have reported on “increased suspicions about England’s large Jewish or Arab minority” without expressing an additional caution on the irrationality of such suspicions or at the very least the danger of stereotyping a large ethnic group who are citizens of a given country?

Complete story at - Russian news: The Guardian's Racism Against Russia - Russia Insider

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