Friday, October 24, 2014

Rebellion is imminent in Mariupol — Novorossia News Agency

Tension has been growing rapidly in occupied Mariupol, the inhabitants’ hidden dissatisfaction with the authorities’ actions comes to surface more and more often, reports “Voyenkor-info”.

The official city site had to inform about the more frequent instances of plunder on the part of the National Guards battalions. Particularly, the troopers of Azov battalion commit systematic robberies, rapes and murders systematically in locality Pavlopol of the Novoazovsk district. Also more frequent incidents of abductions were reported. According to local witnesses, funerals of 19, whose bodies had been found in the industrial area recently, took place recently.

Assaults at the punitive soldiers started in response. Several Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers who provided aid to them had already been found dead in the city. The occupants quite definitely fear a rebellion.

Complete story at - Rebellion is imminent in Mariupol — Novorossia News Agency

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