Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Vladimir Suchan: Logos politikos: Is It Possible to Fight Fascist Oligarchy in Ukraine without Principles? No. -- So?

Sometimes, it is healthy and helpful to try to define and publish one's principles before espousing unprincipled pragmatism or muddling through.

When faced with the rebooting of Banderism and Nazism in Ukraine, we are faced with a challenge that is politically and civilizationally both radical and fundamental. In this case, the need for developing and stating one's own fundamental principles is not merely prudent or optional, but rather vital. It is also necessary. An unprincipled stance or politics won't work.

To formulate, publish and explain one's principles in this situation is not only necessary vis-à-vis the opponent, it is, arguably, even more important with respect to one's own side. Clarity is not just helpful here. It is essential.

One ought to have a program. And program requires, as a rule, sound principles.

In the case of the conflict in Ukraine, some of the tentative principles could be stated as follows:

1. Every sovereign nation is entitled to sovereign decisions (this is the US and NATO stated position or "principle" vis-à-vis Ukraine, which they normally don't recognize in relation to anyone else but themselves). However, this was never unconditionally true. There are other international principles and rules, including those of the UN Charter. In this particular case, Ukraine's sovereignty has three radical limitations:

Complete story at - Vladimir Suchan: Logos politikos: Is It Possible to Fight Fascist Oligarchy in Ukraine without Principles? No. -- So?

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