Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Vineyard of the Saker: More short news items, a few comments and a quote by Felix Derzhinsky

Elections in Russia: the turnout was good, the result a crushing victory for Putin's party. There is exactly zero signs of a "Russian Maidan". The popularity of Putin is as high as ever and much, much higher than the popularity of any western leader. The Putin-bashers everywhere have clearly failed to even have a marginal impact.

b all the party leaders spoke and all agree that harboring any hopes for sane relations with the West is a waste of time; the consensus is now that Russia must 1) turn to the rest of the planet 2) accept the challenge to deal with a hostile and aggressive West 3) use this opportunity to disengage Russian from the western political, economic and financial system.

Banderastan: the Ukie and EU Parilaments signed an association agreement with great pomp, standing ovations and backslapping. Truly a historical moment indeed: the EU and Ukieland will now go to the bottom together. Great - they truly deserve each other. The amazing, paradoxical and, frankly, funny thing is that neither side can afford this partnership and that both the EU and Ukieland will suffer the negative consequences of this disastrous agreement.

Novorussia: the special status offered by Poroshenko is not for Novorussia, but purely for NAF controlled territories. Besides, as the Novorussian leaders have correctly pointed out, the Ukie Rada has no authority to pass any rules in Novorussia. Conclusion: the the words of a senior Novorussian leader - this new law is just the basis for further negotiations, nothing more. Apparently, there is already a wave of panic in the usual "this is the end, Novorussia has been sold out, Putin is a traitor" mode (what else is new?). Guys, take a deep breath, wait a few days, and you will see this law for what it is: Ukie wishful thinking floating in a nauseous bubble of hot air.

[note: I have not seen the text of the status offered to Novorussia by Poroshenko. If you see it, please email me the link or post it here]

Military situation: the Ukie counter-offensive has still not started but I still consider it all but inevitable. Amazingly, the NAF has still not succeeded in stopping the JRF at the Donetsk Airport from shelling the city. Considering the human cost of letting these Nazis continue to murder civilians and the political costs of looking unable to finally get this airport under control, I cannot understand why the NAF seems to be unable to solve this problem.

Interesting promotion in Novorussia: Igor Bezler, the military commander of the strategically crucial city of Gorlovka (just north of the Donetsk-Debaltsevo line) has been awarded the rank of Major-General and appointed as the Head of the Intelligence Service of Novorussia. He is a rather mysterious and very controversial figure. It will be interesting to see the reactions to this nomination.

Economic situation: the Ruble is falling against the Dollar and the Euro, but the Russian Central Bank makes no effort to prevent that. Clearly, the Russians do not believe that this is more than a temporary phenomenon made worse by speculative selling.

Complete story at - The Vineyard of the Saker: More short news items, a few comments and a quote by Felix Derzhinsky

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