Saturday, September 20, 2014

Article: The Big Lie in the 'News' 'Reporting' about Ukraine and Russia | OpEdNews

Here it is, in purest form, via a typical 'news' 'report' from CNN:
"While questions about Russia's tactics remain, its strategy has become more clear: The Kremlin appears to have decided to prevent Ukraine turning West and leaving what Russia regards as its sphere of influence."
However, did the U.S., in the early 1960s, decide to accept Cuba's having turned away from the U.S. sphere of influence that had existed under the prior, corrupt, Cuban leader, Fulgensio Batista, and Cuba's then becoming instead a new Soviet satellite, under Fidel Castro? And, in particular, how did the U.S. feel about Cuba's new Soviet ally trying to insert Soviet missiles with nuclear warheads in Cuba, right next door to us?

Did we like that? Did we even let that happen (which would be like Ukraine's joining NATO, and then allowing Ukraine to get U.S. missiles)?

Of course not! (It was called the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.)

Nor will Russia let that happen to them in Ukraine. Putin is the same on that matter as Kennedy was, when the shoes were on the other feet -- Soviets were the danger to the world's peace then in Cuba, but Americans are the danger to the world's peace now in Ukraine.

And this comes already after polls, such as this one, had previously shown that, globally, the U.S. is already considered to be, by far, the most dangerous nation in the world -- considerably more dangerous than Russia is.

Complete story at - Article: The Big Lie in the 'News' 'Reporting' about Ukraine and Russia | OpEdNews

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