Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Could Kiev fail before the New Republics? | New Eastern Outlook

All is semi-quiet on the Ukraine front. Despite the OSCE spokesman who said on the first day that he did not think that the ceasefire could last, another OSCE guy with a fully working brain said there was a night and day difference from a week ago. That is how you build a peace… in steps.

Sure, Kiev does not have tight command control over the Right Sector and the Oligarch brigades, both of whom are fighting for their own reasons. Both are not really on board the whole Kiev train at all, but their own adapted warlord version of it. They serve Kiev to carve out a future stake in the spoils of their country, just like the Kiev coup-meisters are… and that is what made them pliable puppets for the West.

As the “anti-terror campaign progressed, it quickly became evident that Kiev never could have launched its punitive campaign without the help of both groups. But that was a recipe for division and disaster. The Ukrainian army condition was rundown, due to the poor economic state of the country. A pecking order developed right away over the competition for the best weapons (like in working order) and having dependable operational resupplies.

When the initial engagements were checkpoint battles, no real strain was being put on the fighting capabilities, or supply chain. But military units had been put into the field quickly to beat the rebels to the punch, and whatever needed supplies were missing, they got the famous age old lie, “we will send that along soon.” When unit A never got theirs, and then saw unit B did, the morale problems began to appear.

Kiev’s morale got worse after the rebels were able to raid and acquire the armor and heavier weapons from the regional armories. The days of the Ukraine troops in APCs punching through lightly-armed checkpoints were over. The rebel checkpoints evolved into being bait for several APC-size Kiev units, where they began to experience being ambushed from both sides of the road and their vehicles taking hits from a half dozen APGs. The war was really on.

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