Saturday, September 6, 2014

Alexander Donetsky - US Wages War against EU to Make Europeans do Fighting and Shoulder Expenditure - Strategic Culture Foundation

European politicians are eloquent enough as they pronounce speeches about the need to counter the «Russian aggression» and defend democracy and «territorial integrity» of Ukraine. But everyone who knows the first thing about politics realizes it’s nothing but words. What democracy are they talking about when the incumbent regime in Kiev came to power as a result of neo-Nazi coup to repress dissenters and establish press censorship they call a «moratorium on criticizing the government?»

The defence of «territorial integrity» is guaranteed by mass massacre of civilians living in the two regions that said yes to independence at referendums. In comparison no referendum was held in Kosovo but it was immediately recognized by the United States and the European Union member-states. No matter how hard they tried, the intelligence services of the United States, Ukraine and Europe have never produced any evidence of Russia’s support for Donbass insurgents at the time Russia has many times come up with proof testifying to the fact that Ukrainian military fired shots across the border and even conducted armed intrusions into Russian territory.

Anyone who can think realizes that the United States is waging war to subjugate Europe with the help of Ukrainian leadership and its agents in Brussels. They exert great effort to demonize Russia and provoke it into a direct intervention in Ukraine to justify the story invented by Washington about «Russian aggression» that is spread around in Europe fooling people.

Nobody argues with Clausewitz's famous line that "War is a mere continuation of politics by other means" and Vladimir Lenin’s words that that «Politics is a concentrated expression of economics». As a result of two world wars the US economy got a powerful impulse for development while Europe was in ruins becoming dependent on the United States. As time went by American strategists learned to wage bloodless financial and economic wars. An economic war is being waged today. The goal is to destroy Europe again to male it fully dependent on Washington.

The Europe’s intent to re-industrialize prompted the United States to launch a new phase of economic war. In the 1980-2000s Germany, France and Italy, as well as former members of socialist camp, gradually reduced industrial capacity in favor of service non-manufacturing business: services and insurance. By the early 2000s it became clear that Europe has no future if it continues to follow this policy, so European politicians started to talk about the need to revive the industrial potential that would become a tough competitor to US producers.

Complete story at - Alexander Donetsky - US Wages War against EU to Make Europeans do Fighting and Shoulder Expenditure - Strategic Culture Foundation

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