Thursday, August 7, 2014

Vladimir Suchan: Logos politikos: Yanukovich is in the Kremlin, and Putin is gone

Ukraine today is in the midst of killing Russians, pro-Russians, and anyone suspected of supporting them, thus trying to restore Ukraine's "rightful" and "traditional" place in the bosom of its European "Fatherland," which traditionally loved Ukraine that much:

Ukraine under the junta is marching back to Europe, which means that it is marching with fascist columns on the east, and Europe is marching forward too, trying to put some democratic makeup on the faces of the fascist shock troopers, while the Russian government is trying to utter the best passable compliments to its Ukrainian and Western "partners" with gentle reminders of their joint responsibilities. At the same time, the Kremlin and Putin's fans are now turning what have been mere hints into ever louder rebukes to the antifascist resistance in east Ukraine to the effect that they are at best misguided fools.

Borys Filatov, a right-hand of Kolomeysky, explains the "miracle" of fascist peace in Dnienpropetrovsk. The method is the one, for which Yanukovich would have been hanged in the Hague. Maidan occupied and seized government property and buildings, shot the police and set them on fire. Then the US praised them for their "incredible non-violence." Now, Filatov explains what the new Maidan authorities do once in power:

Dnipropetrovsk is a firewall of pro-government sentiment in a restive region ...“I called them in and told them there is a red line,” said Borys Filatov, the deputy governor who made a fortune as a corporate lawyer. “I said, you can wave your flags and shout anything you want. But if you try to take over the building, there won’t be any of this ‘Please leave,’ like in Donetsk. We will shoot without warning. We will kill you.” He paused and seemed to ponder how his take-no-prisoners message sounds to an outsider. “I am sorry if I sound brutal,” he said." The West and its journalists were deeply in awe.

The plan for nazification of east Ukraine is euphemistically dubbed brutal "neutralization." Otherwise, to use the plan's own other expression (p. 2), it could also be called "Fascism's new phase: back to normal" by means of massive state terror, which includes:

1. crackdown to be undertaken "irrespective of public opinion"
2. "gain" to be obtained: "decimation of activists and pro-Russian voters"
3. "gain" to be obtained: wholesale destruction and shutdown of the economy of Donbas, thus "relieving" the fascist regime of too many antifascist people
4. destruction of Donbass (genocide) will help save Kiev money by reducing gas
5. consumption and imports
6. use of "non-conventional weapons" (read: prohibited by Geneva Conventions and chemical weapons, etc.) is recommended
7. adults ought to be "relocated to [concentration] camps"
8. executions of people on the spot is recommended whether armed or not and irrespective of status, age, or gender
9. even children under 13 are to be moved away to concentration "facilities"
10. all wounded survivors should be persecuted for terrorism
11. large scale expropriations of private properties envisaged
12. areas of such state terror and massive deliberate repression shall be off the limits to any outside media
13. massive and systematic disregard of Geneva Conventions and laws of war
14. Everything on the ground and the whole course of the junta's so-called ATO or "anti-terrorist operation" conforms to this plan and fits it to a t.

This plan makes both the junta and RAND criminal organizations and war criminals.

Complete story at - Vladimir Suchan: Logos politikos: Yanukovich is in the Kremlin, and Putin is gone

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