Friday, August 29, 2014

Summary of current events as of 27.08.2014 — Novorossiya News Agency

An air raid of three Nazi planes Su-25 at the western outskirts of Lugansk took place on August 26 by the end of the day. Residential buildings and a school were demolished. The number of casualties among civilians is being specified.

In the course of fighting at night two Ukrainian APCs, one tank, an ammunition storehouse and about 25 troopers had been exterminated.

According to intelligence, a fire attack was carried out at the positions of Ukrainian artillery in the area of Krsnogorovka, from which the castigators had been shelling the western outskirts of Donetsk. Four MRLS “Grad” with crews, two tanks and two APCs were exterminated.

As a result of skillful actions of the People’s Militia a column of Ukrainian machines was destroyed not far from the village of Valuyskoye of the Lugansk People’s Republic. Up to 5 vehicles and up to 10 castigators were exterminated.

Extermination of the encircled enemy’s units is going on in the area of Amvrosiyevka. Artillery batteries, mortar-gun units and gun posts of the enemy had been subjected to fire attack.

As a result of bloody clashes the People’s Militia of Donbass captured 125 nationalists in locality Starobeshevo.

Altogether during the night from August 26 to August 27 5 tanks, 7 APCs, 4 MRLS “Grad”, 2 ammunition storehouses, 5 cars and up to 50 castigators were exterminated.

Complete story at - Summary of current events as of 27.08.2014 — Novorossiya News Agency

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