Friday, July 11, 2014

The Vineyard of the Saker: In Banderastan insanity, denial and lies are the norm, not the exception

By now you all have probably heard it: the newly appointed Ukrainian Minister of Defense has officially pledged to re-take Crimea and to organize a victory parade in the streets of Sevastopol. His statement, made in the Ukrainian Parliament, was received with a standing ovation.

Needless to say, the notion of the Ukraine re-taking Crimea is ludicrous. The Ukrainian Defense Minister knows this, and so do the Parliamentarians. But what is important here is not that he would make such a statement, but that it caught the attention of the international media as if this was an exception. Sadly, I assure you that it is not. The sad and hard to imagine reality is that Banderastan lives in a total "la la land" in which literally everything is just as ludicrous as the idea of the Ukrainian military somehow kicking the Russians out of Crimea. As somebody who follows the Ukrainian TV (through the Internet) on a regular basis, can tell you that this kind of nonsense is absolutely the mainstream norm. The disconnect between the real world and the imaginary world in which the rump-Ukraine (aka "Banderastan") lives in today is total. The best image I can think of is the orchestra of the Titanic playing music while the ship was sinking, except that the disconnect between reality of the situation of Banderastan and what the poor people in Kiev and the rest of the Ukraine hear on TV is even bigger. This is not just "propaganda", it is really insanity, denial and delusional thinking at its most extreme. Even tonight I have heard respectable looking Ukrainian politicians seriously discussing how the Ukraine's "civilizational choice" will usher a new era in which, I kid you now, the "Ukraine will re-join its West European destiny". In the meantime, the Ukie solidiers in Luganks have shot all the stray dogs they could to feed themselves.

Banderastan, the junta in Kiev and, frankly, the zombified Ukrainian people are now in the situation of a person falling from a skyscraper and who, passing by the 15th floor in his fall, thinks "so far so good". The inevitable impact will be terrible. Part of me feels sorry for these people, but part of me is also disgusted with their capability to believe not only ludicrous lies, but ugly, nasty, ludicrous live.

Today I was listening to the intercepted radio conversations of the Ukie bombers which have basically erased the town of Stanitsa Luganskaia from the map. Guess what? Just like the pilots who shot cluster munitions at the Lugansk city center, these pilots spoke Russian with their FAC. I was trying to imagine what kind of person could shoot at his own people while pretending to be part of a different nation. I think that this guy is the prototypical Ukie: a Russian-speaking russophobe who is willing to murder his own people in the name of a fiction which he knows is based on a lie.

Complete story at - The Vineyard of the Saker: In Banderastan insanity, denial and lies are the norm, not the exception

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