Thursday, May 15, 2014

USA a Sinkhole: What’s Worth Fighting For? | Dissident Voice

First, Reduce the Masses Ability to Reproduce

A nation that refuses to take care of all of its mothers and all of its young children has no future.

The United States was among just eight countries that experienced an increase in maternal death rates since 2003 – joining countries including Afghanistan and El Salvador….

“There’s no reason that a country with the resources and the medical expertise that the US has should see maternal deaths going up,” said Dr. Christopher Murray, Director of Institutes for Health Metrics and Evaluation and a co-founder of the Global Burden of Disease.

“The next step would be to examine local-level differences in maternal deaths to look for patterns and the drivers behind those patterns,” reports Jennifer Abel writing in Consumer Affairs.

Actually there is a very good reason why the maternal deaths are rising in the USA. Most American leaders really don’t care who in America lives or dies—or why — and neither does the bulk of the American population. The elected representatives are merely a reflection of the callous, hollow nature of a long warring republic.

Complete story at - USA a Sinkhole: What’s Worth Fighting For? | Dissident Voice

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