Monday, May 19, 2014

Asia Times Online :: Ukraine Creates Arc of Chaos

By Francesco Sisci

As if on a romantic double date, Europe is strolling nonchalantly toward what in reality is a risky pair of electoral appointments: the vote for the European Union parliament in Brussels and the presidential election in Ukraine, both scheduled for May 25. The combination of the two could multiply the many hazards each separately entails.

The most obviously precarious is the Ukrainian election. Here a thousand things can go wrong, so much so that either side (the anti- and pro-Russian factions in the country) could claim the elections were disrupted.

In some ways Russian President Vladimir Putin tried to cool the tension by urging pro-Russian factions to call off a local referendum on secession in eastern Ukraine on May 11. However, he turned up in Crimea on May 9, in an apparent sign of support for pro-Russian faction in Ukraine. So pro-Russian groups didn't heed the call to stop the referendum.

Moreover, Americans claim Moscow has troops at the border ready to intervene, something that - Putin's words notwithstanding - could further encourage secessionists. Their presence could also prevent the intervention of pro-Kiev forces that might be too eager to intervene to gain more prestige and badges of honor in the West.

It is not completely clear what is in play there. Are the pro-Russians really loyal to their Moscow leader or do they have their own agendas and are trying to force Putin's hand? Or vice versa they could be being played by the grand puppeteer - Putin.

Complete story at - Asia Times Online :: Ukraine Creates Arc of Chaos

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