Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Asian Infrastructure Bank - Another Brick in America's Demise.

The AIIB is only one piece to the puzzle. Another is the clearing system set to directly compete with SWIFT. Yet another is the BRICS bank, and let’s not forget the Shanghai physical metals exchange set to go live shortly. Can you see the picture these pieces are putting together? China, Russia and the rest of the world could see what is coming but they have not been ready for it…yet. Each one of these pieces amounts to preparation for what is to come. When I say “preparation”, much of it has been put into place to buffer the East (and rest of the world) from the financial collapse of the West.

The clearing system for instance will allow and aid trade to continue between nations should the Western financial system close because of insolvencies or bankruptcies. Call it contingency planning and they know what the contingencies are. Another way to look at these plans is to see the U.S. becoming isolated. The U.S. has been trying to isolate Russia and cut them off from liquidity and trade, China (and Russia) have been isolating the U.S. little by little with each new deal signed but have not pulled any triggers along the way.

Until now and until these preparations were made, the East could not afford for the West to fall because they would have been taken down with it. Now, the East has alternatives. There are clearing alternatives, financial ones, new trade deals and routes, and of course even currency alternatives being made ready. The U.S. has relied on the dollar being THE only alternative for the world to clear trade, this monopoly is ending. What I am trying to explain is this, there are now very few preparations left unattended.

When the U.S. originally began pushing economic and financial sanctions on Russia, I immediately was confused. I was confused because in my mind, Russia had the ability to destroy the U.S.. They had all sorts of options, they could sell their Treasury securities and dollars and simply blow up either the gold or silver markets. They could have defaulted on their debts or gone hot in Syria, there were many possibilities but none ever pursued. Don’t get me wrong, Russia would have suffered greatly, but, the U.S. has been wobbly enough for a direct effort to have tipped the scales. Again, because they were not ready, no trigger was ever pulled and I believe we have been “carried” like an aging prize fighter, “they” being the Russians and the Chinese.

One last preparation has been longer term, the accumulation of gold. You must ask yourself “why” Russia and China have been accumulating so much gold? The answer is twofold, they understand gold to be money but more importantly they know “where” their purchases were coming from. This preparation involved not only amassing “money” but also bleeding the West of their money (gold).

Complete story at - The Asian Infrastructure Bank - Another Brick in America's Demise.

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