Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The REAL Reasons We're At War With Russia Washington's Blog

The Empire Doesn’t Like to Be Questioned

We’re at war with Russia.

Specifically, we’ve launched:

A sanctions war
A currency war
A hot war in Ukraine
Indeed, it appears that U.S. leaders have targeted Putin for regime change.



Initially, the U.S. targeted Syria for regime change – for the second time – many decades ago.

Putin derailed the imminent American war against Syria by brokering a deal wherein Syria destroyed all of its chemical weapons. The U.S. was very unhappy with the deal … and tried to backtrack.

George Friedman – CEO and founder and CEO of Stratfor, the “private CIA” – said in December that the United States is behind the coup in Kiev … which he called the “most blatant coup in history”. Friedman said that the coup came in response to Russia’s peacemaking in Syria:
[Friedman:] Russia had begun to take certain steps that the United States considered unacceptable. Primarily in Syria. It was there that Russians demonstrated to the Americans that they are capable of influencing processes in the Middle East. And the US has enough problems in that part of the world already without the Russians.

Russians intervened in the process in the Middle East among other reasons because they had hoped to get leverage to influence US policy in other areas. But they miscalculated. The United States thought that it was Russia’s intent to harm them.


[Question:] So you think Ukraine is a form of revenge for Syria?

[Friedman:] No, not revenge. But Russian intervention in the process in Syria, while the United States was still addressing the problems in Iraq, and was in negotiations with Iran … In Washington, many people have the impression that Russian want to destabilize the already fragile US position in the Middle East – a region that is of key importance for America.
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