Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mr. Poroshenko's parallel reality - New Cold War: Ukraine and Beyond

By Halyna Mokrushyna, New Cold, March 9, 2015

I thought President Poroshenko could no longer surprise me. I was wrong. Following his desperate performance in Davos, Switzerland, in January, where he presented a chunk of metal from the Volnovakha bus (1) and his Munich security conference speech on February 7, in which the handful of Russian passports he held up in the air were supposed to prove that Russian troops were in Ukraine, he delivered the following masterpiece at the commemoration of the first anniversary of Euromaidan in Kiev: “Ukrainians, who were not born for war, peaceful Ukrainians, took up arms and stopped a well-trained army, one of the most powerful in the world and on the continent . . . ”

I am not a military expert; I know close to nothing about armies, weapons, and war. But I have been reading articles by NATO experts confirming at least one aspect of Poroshenko’s statement. Global Firepower places Russia second after the United States as the most powerful military force, in terms of “conventional war-making capabilities across land, sea and air.” One does not need West Point Academy training to understand that if Putin really wanted to have Ukraine, the Ukrainian army would be finished in a matter of days. I honestly cannot believe that Poroshenko is that stupid. However, in the same speech, he stated that “a newly created Ukrainian army with nationwide support from volunteers stopped the enemy at the far-Eastern frontiers.” What far-East frontiers? Is Poroshenko day-dreaming about the Russian Far-East? Ukraine has never had a “Far-East frontier.”

I also learned from Poroshenko’s speech that Putin had been planning to attack Ukraine for years. He has been preparing the Russian military for just that. At the same time, the Evil Genius was creating a “fifth” column in Ukraine. I guess Poroshenko learned all of this while he was busy opening his chocolate and confectionary business in Russia. This is entirely logical for a president of a country where almost every channel of communication talks about Russian aggression and where Russian television channels are banned as propaganda outlets. Well, how about the propaganda that flows without end from the Ukrainian media? They tell ridiculous lies about “a planned retreat” of Ukrainian troops from Debaltsevo, while, in fact, Ukrainian soldiers were escaping encirclement by the insurgent Donetsk and Luhansk armies after their officers “heroically” left the battlefield.

Complete story at - Mr. Poroshenko's parallel reality - New Cold War: Ukraine and Beyond

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