Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What is behind Poroshenko's hardening rhetoric? - Fort Russ

It’s not necessary to read the article [the blog post links to an article outlining the Ukrainian gov’t latest measures, including the hardening of rhetoric against Russia, the closure of borders, and stepped-up censorship], but the question is absolutely appropriate, and we know what the answers are. Poroshenko wanted a bit of calm, he wanted order that he needs to hold on to power, but instead everything is spinning out of control. So much so that the MFA is making statements about being ready for a full-scale war with Russia.

It’s all very simple.

It doesn’t matter what Poroshenko wants anymore. The economy is collapsing, its strategic enterprises are dying, and there is no money and there will be none. Ukraine’s sponsors in which it had placed its hopes are now practically insulting it—the Europeans are helpfully suggesting that “Ukraine ought to show its attractiveness to investors, while the US equally helpfully points out that “Ukrainians are very ineffectively using their resources,” so not a chance of actual help. Moreover, coal mines are about to close and a hungry coal miner is a dangerous beast.

As if on cue, Mr. Azarov is suggesting the creation of a “Ukrainian government in exile”, and Azarov is not Yanukovych, he is totally dependable, so much so that many of Ukraine’s oligarchs might be tempted to play the role of “prodigal son” to seek his forgiveness, which would mean curtains for Poroshenko. On the other hand there are rumors on the Maidanek [Maidanek was a German death camp in Poland, whereas the Maidan, well, you get the picture] that maybe it’s time to change the president, but not for Yatsenyuk or the Pastor [Turchinov] (both seem repelled by the prospect of this honor), but rather the [Azov commander] Biletsky who is already being groomed for the post of mayor of Kiev [here the article links to a rather lengthy article, one of several that appeared in Ukrainian press in recent days, on the campaign to get Biletsky elected as a mayor of Kiev].

Complete story at - What is behind Poroshenko's hardening rhetoric? - Fort Russ

Cc poroshenko stupidity not a handicap

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