Monday, February 16, 2015

An Army Without Culture is a Dull-Witted Army...

Well I went ahead and whipped up some photoshop goodies, mashing together Poroshenko and some quotes by people he'd likely not want to be compared to, or quotes he'd likely not want to be associated with, but which seemed strangely appropriate given the current circumstances.

I highly doubt Poroshenko knows the first thing about culture, nor does his fascists hordes, so he'd never say something like this himself. But he's definitely an expert on dull-wittedness. Only a dull-witted bastard would allow himself to be a tool of the USA and CIA. But if Ukraine has to be stuck with a CIA tool running the place, they might better off with a dull-witted one. Or not.

Here's one for today. I'll be releasing others in the upcoming days and weeks.

Cc poroshenko dull witted army

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